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Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

By using this site and/or placing an order with Biomatik, you acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions set out below.

Terms & Conditions Specific to Custom Services (PDFs)

Conditions of Sales
All of Biomatik's products are only for laboratory research and development purpose only. Our products are not to be used for diagnostic, clinical or therapeutic procedures. Buyer acknowledges and accepts that the products have not been tested by Biomatik for safety and efficacy in animal, food, drug, medical device, cosmetic, commercial or any other use.
Net 30 days for customers with established credit and who have a good credit rating with Biomatik. After 30 days an interest charge will apply for outstanding invoices. Credit applications are available upon request. Payment can be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), Paypal, cheque, or wire transfer.
All prices are in US dollars, and may be quoted/billed in other currencies upon request. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include freight, special handling and packaging if any. All taxes, duties and brokerage charges are the responsibility of the customer.
Please request for quotation before ordering any custom made product (custom gene synthesis, peptide synthesis, protein expression and antibody production services). Discounts are available for large quantities or bulk orders, please inquire.
EXW Biomatik shipping point. Title and risk of loss pass to Customer upon transfer to shipper. Shipping fees will be incurred by customer for partial order shipments. Most of Biomatik products are shipped at ambient temperature. Biomatik will determine the best shipping method unless otherwise requested by the customer.

For international shipping, shipment can be delayed from time to time due to customs clearance. It is the customer’s responsibility to submit any paperwork to facilitate customs clearance process. Some facilities may or may not have the refrigeration available to keep packages cool. Biomatik will not be responsible for the damages after Biomatik shipping points.
Order Cancellation
All orders are typically processed and sent for production/assembly within a couple of hours upon your order placement. Due to the nature of our products and irreversible fees, we strictly adhere to the following order cancellation policy:

If you cancel your order within 12 hours of your order placement, depending on the production and/or assembly stage, you may be charged a cancellation fee, which is up to 25% of your total order charge;

If you cancel your order AFTER 12 hours of your order placement and before shipping, depending on the production/assembly stage, you may be billed up to 100% of your total order charge;

Order cancellation is not accepted once your order is shipped. Orders which are REFUSED AT DELIVERY will be assessed all of the applicable fees - total order charge plus other applicable fees.
Return Policy
Due to the product nature, all products are non-returnable and non-refundable, unless there is a quality issue. Any claim for quality issue or non-conformity must be made in writing within 30 days of receipt of the product. If Customer fails to provide such claim within such period, the shipment will be deemed accepted by Customer. Biomatik will take care of all quality-related issues or non-conformities with a replacement or full refund, at Biomatik’s option. Please contact Biomatik for a return authorization number before returning any product.
Intellectual Property Rights
Unless otherwise stated in writing, Biomatik does not claim Intellectual Property rights on any purchased and delivered product which is produced per customer's specifications, however, all methods, arrays and proprietary IP of Biomatik remains with Biomatik.
Warranties and Liabilities
Biomatik warrants that its products shall, at the time of delivery, conform to the description of such products as provided to customer through Biomatik's product directory, analytical data or other then-current literature. THIS WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE, AND BIOMATIK MAKES NO OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT OF ANY THIRD PARTY PATENT OR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. Buyer acknowledges that there may be hazards associated with the use of certain products offered. Buyer agrees that their personnel concerned with any such product are aware of the hazards and assumes all responsibility for the warning of their employees and independent contractors of all hazards to persons and property in any way connected with the products, and buyer agrees to instruct their employees, agents and customers to use safely such product. Buyer also assumes all responsibility for the results of using any product offered in combination with other articles or substances, and in any manufacturing process, and for the ultimate safe disposal of the product in accordance with applicable laws. Biomatik does not warrant that the use or sale of the products delivered hereunder will not infringe the claims of any United States or foreign patent or patent application covering the product itself or the use thereof in combination with other products or in the operation of any process. The products may be protected by patent applications, patents, and/or copyrights. Biomatik makes no representation or warranty as to whether the product, and/or its uses, infringes any patent or intellectual property rights of any third party, nor shall Biomatik be liable for infringement of any such rights. Biomatik does not grant to customer any license, express or implied, in violation of or infringing upon any third party rights. Customer is responsible for determining the existence of any such third party rights, and to acquire any such rights (e.g. patents or licenses), should they exist, before using the products. The customer is solely responsible for any patent infringement resulting from the use of Biomatik products. Biomatik’s sole and exclusive liability, with respect to products proved to be Biomatik’s satisfaction to be defective, shall be the replacement of such products without charge or refund of purchase price. Biomatik shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential or contingent damages.

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