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    USA/Canada International
  Telephone:   1-800-836-8089 1-519-489-7195
  Fax: 1-877-221-3515 1-519-231-0140


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For Ordering: Order@biomatik.com
For General Inquiry: Info@biomatik.com
For Suggestion, Compliment or Complaint: CSR@biomatik.com
For Business Development: BD@biomatik.com

For Gene Service: Gene@biomatik.com
For Peptide Service: Peptide@biomatik.com
For Immunology Products: Product@biomatik.com
(ELISA Kits, Antibodies & Proteins)

For Protein Service: Protein@biomatik.com
For Antibody Service: Antibody@biomatik.com
For Biochemicals: Chemical@biomatik.com
(Chemicals, Enzymes, PCR Products & Oligos)


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For ordering and billing purposes, please set up Biomatik Corporation in Canada in your system.
  Biomatik Corporation (head office)
9-140 McGovern Drive
Cambridge, Ontario, N3H4R7
Biomatik USA, LLC
105-501 Silverside Road
Wilmington, Delaware, 19809

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