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How to Order

For ordering accuracy, we highly recommend that you place order online, by email or fax.
Please email us or call us if you have questions before ordering, at 1-800-836-8089 (USA/CA) or 1-519-489-7195 (Intl').

  • Order with a PO Number:
    Please email your formal purchase order at order@biomatik.com, or by fax at 1-877-221-3515 (USA/CA) or 1-519-231-0140 (intl'). If you have received a quote, please indicate the quote number on your purchase order.

    Biomatik accepts PO# from most public organizations and companies, and customers who have established credit with us. If you don't have a formal purchase order form or it is your first time ordering with Biomatik, prepayment may be required. Prepayment can be arranged by bank wire or credit card.

  • Order with a Credit Card:
    If you have received a quote from us, please click Quote to Order. Your credit card will be charged according to the quoted total. Alternatively, you may place your order via email or fax by filling out Credit Card Authorization Form.

    For catalog products, please order online using our shopping cart. Upon receiving the online order, we will ask you to confirm your oder total if the shipping & handling charge exceeds $45. Alternatively, you may place your order via email or fax by filling out Purchase Order Form and Credit Card Authorization Form.

Your purchase order shall include:

  • Catalog number, product description, package size and quantity.
    If you have obtained a quote, please indicate the quote number.
  • Billing address, along with billing email or fax number.
  • Shipping address, along with Attn name and phone number.
  • Purchase order number or credit card information.
  • Purchaser name and contact information.

Any questions? Please feel free to call us or Contact Us.

Please request for quote prior to ordering for the following custom services:

- Custom Gene Synthesis Quote Request

- Custom Peptide Synthesis Quote Request
- Protein Expression Service Quote Request
- Custom Antibody Production Quote Request

Mailing Address:
For ordering and billing purposes, please set up Biomatik Corporation in Canada in your system.

Biomatik Corporation (head office)
9-140 McGovern Drive
Cambridge, Ontario, N3H4R7, Canada
Biomatik USA, LLC
105-501 Silverside Rd
Wilmington, Delaware, 19809, USA

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